The 2nd International Conference on Dynamical Science and Energy Engineering (ICDSEE 2022)
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AuthorsZhenlan DOU, Chunyan ZHANG, Renjie DAI, Siming WEI, Jihang ZHANG, Lingling WANG, Chuanwen JIANG
Title: Resilience enhancement strategy of multi-energy coupling distribution network considering movable energy storage equipment


Authors:Xiuqi Zhang, Liqiang Wang, Ke Su, Qi Wang, and Yu Cong

Title: Research on technology of energy storage under the Dual-Carbon Target


Authors:Hao Guo, Shushan Liu, Li Xu, Zhigang Wang, Hui Li, Bin Chen
Title: Path optimizing of UAV inspection for 500kV AC transmission line cup-tower based on ant colony algorithm


Authors:Xueshuo Chen, Tao Lu, Xue Chen

Title: Numerical simulation of falling film heat transfer over horizontal tube with column flow


Authors:Junjia Wang, Hui Chen, Hejun Hu, Yiyun Huang
Title: Load Modeling of the Pulse Power Supply for Tokamak based on Improved Neural Network


Authors:ZHU Tingting, LI Yan, LI Zhengrong, ZHANG Junkai
Title: Assessment of Influence on Regional Environment under Large-scale Development of Solar Energy


Authors:Zhong Liu, Kaixin Zhang, Junyan Zhang, Shenxing Shi , Chaowu Liu and Xinzhou Dong

Title: Fault self-healing scheme of MMC DC distribution line


Authors:Xiaoliang Qian, Niannian Zhang, Baokun Wu, Wei Wang and Zhiwu Chen

Title: CIoU-Smooth L1 Loss for Oriented Object Detection


 Poster Presentation Guidelines

Posters are very welcome at the conference for exchange, and the following details of joining as Provide posters for your Reference.

1. Maximum poster size is 59.4 CM wide by 84.1 CM high(A1). 

2. Posters are required to be condensed and attractive. Information should be visible in certain distance-1 meter apart.

3. Please note that during your poster session, the author should stay by your poster to explain and discuss your paper with visiting delegates.

4. The main content is a summary of the article, it is better to put the conference logo (ICDSEElogo.png).

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